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By using the {CodeStore} cloud, you are able to access all your code snippets anywhere, anytime. Synchronise your devices to use your code snippets offline.

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Share your code snippets with friends and colleagues, or even the whole world.

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Create tags for your code snippets to categorise them and pool them into groups. So, you and others will find your snippets faster again.

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Search & Find

Use the QuickFilter function or the wide filter functions, to find the one code snippet you need within a few seconds.

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What is {CodeStore}?

{CodeStore} is a code snippet manager. It helps you to manage often used or useful code snippets.

The clear design allows you to manage thousands of code snippets in 24 programming languages.

The advantages of the cloud

The {CodeStore} cloud allows you to automatically synchronise several computers, and use all your code snippets even offline. Additionally you have access to your code snippets online at anytime.

Share your code snippets with colleagues and friends so that they can come back to your ideas and solutions. Or share them with the whole world!

Use the advantages of the {CodeStore} cloud for free!

Create a PRO account now and pay a one-time fee of €10 instead of an annual fee.
You save more than 90% in the long term!
This offer is only valid for a short time!

Imagine ...

As an you can ...

... store often used patterns, describe and document the usage of libraries, modules and utility functions, and provide them to your team members for a quick job training. Additionally, you can synchronize your home- and workplace computers. So you are able to use all the code snippets from your daily work, even in private projects.

... come back to all the code snippets - and so all your experience - from past projects in a new corporation.

... store new functions, best practices and design patterns you learned, and use them for exercising at home or at the university.

What is {CodeStore}?

{CodeStore} is a code snippet manager.
As a programmer, you sometimes face similar problems and tasks. But you cannot memorise the solutions of all recurrent problems. So, a long research on the internet or previous source code is the consequence.
{CodeStore} helps you to manage regularly used and useful code snippets.

How much is {CodeStore}?

{CodeStore} is free!
You can download the program for free and use it immediately. The BASIC account with which you can synchronize your code snippets with several computers is also free. No bank or credit card information is requested during registration!

The function volume of a BASIC account is very limited. If you want to take full advantage of the {CodeStore} Cloud, you need a PRO account. For such an account a contribution of &euro10; per year becomes due. You can upgrade your account from a BASIC to a PRO account at any time.
After one year the PRO account ends automatically and you fall back to a BASIC account. If you would like to continue to benefit from the advantages of a PRO account, you must renew the account for another year.

You can find out which functions are available for BASIC and PRO accounts under the menu item Pricing.

How much storage space is available?

On your local machine, you can store an arbitrary amount of code snippets.
The number of code snippets which can be stored in the cloud is limited to 2,500. The length of the description and the code is limited to 10,000 characters each.
These numbers are experimental values and may be changed at a later time.

What are the system requirements?

To run {CodeStore} a Java runtime environment 1.8 or higher is needed. To use {CodeStore} online, you need a current HTML-5 capable browser.

To download the latest Java version, visit https://java.com.https://java.com.

Run {CodeStore}

Unpack the downloaded .zip file. It contains the executable Java file (CodeStore.jar).
To be able to execute {CodeStore}, a Java runtime environment 1.8 or higher needs to be installed on your machine. Visit the Java homepage and download the latest Java version. After Java is installed, you can execute the file CodeStore.jar with a double-click.


When {CodeStore} is started, a login dialog is shown. If you have a {CodeStore} account, you can now log in with your user name and password. Afterwards, the automatic synchronization is started.
You have the possibility to save your credentials. In this case, your credentials were saved in an encrypted file, and you will be logged in automatically the next time {CodeStore} is started.

If you don´t have a {CodeStore} account, click cancel. To make the login dialog not be displayed again during the next start of the program, activate the option "Don´t show again".

To be able to log in at a later time, click the login button in the top right corner, or activate the login dialog in the settings . In both cases, the program needs to be restarted.

User interface

The user interface is essentially divided into two areas. On the left is the selection, on the right the currently selected code snippet. The header area also contains buttons for help and settings.

On the left, there is the selection of the programming language, filtering and sorting, as well as the selection list.

The selected code snippet is displayed on the right. Besides title, description and code, there is also a detail area in which metadata such as tags, approvals, creation time, etc. are displayed. The detail area is displayed via the option bar.

The first code snippet

Before you can create a code snippet, you need to select a programming language.
To add a programming language to the selection, select "add programming language" in the dropdown menu. In the dialog which is shown afterwards, select a programming language and submit by clicking ok.

The programming language will be selected immediately. Click on the plus symbol to create a new code snippet for that programming language .
Entering a title and code is always required. The description is optional. Click "save" to save the code snippet.

After {CodeStore} has been started, you always need to select a programming language to be able to select or create a code snippet. If there is only one programming language, it will be selected automatically.

Create tags

By using tags, you can group and categorize your code snippets.
If you want to create a code snippet e.g. for formating a date, you could enter "date" and "format".

There are the following restrictions for tags: only lower case characters, no spaces, max. 30 characters. You can set max. 10 tags per code snippet.


As soon as {CodeStore} has been started and a programming language has been selected, you can filter the listed code snippets to get the code you are looking for. In the automatically selected textfield, you can filter by the title of a snippet .
The filter section can be extended to be able to filter by tags, author, and visibility (private / public). For this, click or press tab.

Additionally to the filter section, {CodeStore} provides a quickfilter function. In the details section of a code snippet, you can directly click on a tab or user name, to search for it.


By clicking at the filter- or sort-symbol, you can switch between the filter- and sort-options.
There, you can sort the listed code snippets by title or creation time.

Share code snippets

If you have a BASIC account, each newly created code snippet is "public" by default. This means that all persons worldwide can see this code snippet via the website. This option cannot be disabled for BASIC accounts.

If you have a PRO account, every newly created code snippet is "private" by default. That means only you can see it. In the detail area of the code snippet you can change the visibility.
You can also release a code snippet for specific users (e.g. for colleagues or fellow students). This function is only available for PRO accounts.

If a code snippet is marked as "public", you can send a link to this code snippet. Click on "Show link" to display the link. This option is only available if the code snippet is synchronized.

No matter how you share a code snippet, only you can edit your code snippets yourself.

For questions, feedback, bugreports, etc. contact us at Facebook.




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