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By using the {CodeStore} cloud, you are able to access all your code snippets anywhere, anytime. Synchronise your devices to use your code snippets offline.

cloud synchronizing home, work and university


Share your code snippets with friends and colleagues, or even the whole world.

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Create tags for your code snippets to categorise them and pool them into groups. So, you and others will find your snippets faster again.

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Search & Find

Use the QuickFilter function or the wide filter functions, to find the one code snippet you need within a few seconds.

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What is {CodeStore}?

{CodeStore} is a code snippet manager. It helps you to manage often used and useful code snippets.

The clear design allows you to manage thousands of code snippets in 30 programming languages. In addition to Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript and C++, ther is also syntax highlighting for script languages such as Unix shell scripts and Dockerfiles.

(64 Bit only)
Please note: if you get a warning from the Windows Smartscreen filterplease click 'More info' > 'Run anyway' to run {CodeStore}

The advantages of the cloud

The {CodeStore} cloud allows you to automatically synchronise several computers, and use all your code snippets even offline. Additionally you have access to your code examples online at anytime.

Share your code snippets with colleagues and friends so that they can come back to your ideas and solutions. Or share them with the whole world!

Use the advantages of the {CodeStore} cloud for free!

Imagine ...

As a employee ...

... you can store often used patterns, describe and document the usage of libraries, modules and utility functions, and provide them to your team members for a quick job training. Additionally, you can synchronize your home- and workplace computers. So you are able to use all the code snippets from your daily work, even in private projects.

As a freelancer ...

... you can come back to all the code snippets - and so all your experience - from past projects in a new corporation.

As a student ...

... you can store new functions, best practices and design patterns you learned, and use them for exercising at home or at the university.