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Synchronize multiple devices to use all your code snippets online and offline.

cloud synchronizing home, work and university


Create tags for your code snippets to categorise them and pool them into groups. So, you and others will find your snippets faster again.

tag code snippets


Share your code snippets with friends and colleagues, or even the whole world.

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Search & Find

Use the QuickFilter function or the wide filter functions, to find the one code snippet you need within a few seconds.

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What is {CodeStore}?

{CodeStore} is a code snippet manager. It helps you to manage often used and useful code snippets.

It can take hours to find a code example that is suitable for your use case. Often you need the same information again a few days or weeks later, and the search starts all over again. With {CodeStore}, searching for your code snippets is a matter of seconds!

The clear design allows you to manage thousands of code snippets in 30 programming languages. In addition to Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript and C++, ther is also syntax highlighting for script languages such as Unix shell scripts and Dockerfiles.

(64 Bit only)
Please note: if you get a warning from the Windows Smartscreen filterplease click 'More info' > 'Run anyway' to run {CodeStore}

The advantages of the cloud

The {CodeStore} cloud allows you to automatically synchronise several computers, and have access to your code samples not only offline, but also online.

Share your code snippets with colleagues and friends so that they can come back to your solutions. Or share them as public snippets with the whole world!

Use the advantages of the cloud for free and become part of the {CodeStore} community!

A tool full of possibilities

As a student ...

... you can save newly learnd functions and API calls, and use them for exercises at home and at university.
Especially when learning a new programming language, a clear and efficient reference tool is important.
Thanks to the {CodeStore} Cloud, you always have access to your code snippets even on lab computers on which you are not allowed to install your own software. Leafing through written documents and notes is a part of the past.

As an employed developer ...

... you can save code examples related to the technologies used in your projects, or describe the use of in-house libraries and interfaces, and make them available to new team members for quick introduction. Since private code snippets are only accessible to authorized users, no company-internal information leaks out.

As a freelancer ...

... you are often highly specialized in certain technologies. With {CodeStore}, you can create a huge code snippet archive for yourself, allowing you to fall back on the experience of all your past projects.

As a trainer ...

... you can save all relevant code examples of your training topics, group them with the help of tags, and have a reference tool at hand during practical presentations.

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