Franz Deschler, creator of {CodeStore}.

Hi there, fellow programmers 👋 Welcome to my blog!

My name is Franz and I`m a computer science graduate from munich with a passion for software development. Throughout my studies, I´ve always been fascinated by the power of programming languages and the incredible things that can be accomplished with code. I soon realized, that keeping track of all the programming details is getting harder and harder. I found myself constantly flipping through handwritten notes, blogs and forums to find suitable code examples. That`s when I came up with the idea to develop my own code snippet manager.

I've been developing {CodeStore} as a learning-by-doing project in my free time for several years now. Over time, I`ve mastered a lot of challenges and grew as a software developer in various fields. From frontend development with JavaFX, over REST API design, to design patterns and software architecture. In this blog, I would like to share some insights and experiences with the challenges I encountered while working on this code snippet manager.

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