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The Story Behind {CodeStore}

Jul 01, 2023

As a computer science student, I went through countless projects that required me to understand and implement complex code. To aid me in this process, I used to rely on handouts and handwritten notes that had relevant code examples. However, these notes were hard to organize as they grew in number, which led me to search for a code snippet manager. Disappointed by the lack of affordable options that met my needs, I decided to create my own solution - {CodeStore}.

At the time, I worked on several computers and needed to access my code examples on all of them. My personal desktop computer was my go-to for project work and exercises at home, while at university, I switched between my laptop and the university lab computers, where custom software installations were prohibited. So, an online-based solution was the first thing I had in mind. However, due to the slow speed and unreliability of the campus WiFi in certain areas, I needed a solution that also worked offline. Therefore, the ideal solution had to offer both online and offline capabilities for universal accessibility. Moreover, I wanted more detailed features such as syntax highlighting, filtering and searching functionalities, as well as the possibility to share my code samples with fellow students.

During that time, I gained valuable experience in developing full stack applications. I had knowledge in creating Java-based desktop applications and server logic, building web applications using JavaScript and HTML, and working with databases using SQL. So I thought to myself: "Why not take the initiative and create it myself?". I didn't want a quick solution relying on tools that perform mysterious operations I didn't understand. I wanted to dive into the secrets behind the magic, to truly understand the inner workings.

Since then, {CodeStore} has been a learning-by-doing project for me, allowing me to gain extensive experience in diverse areas of software development. I've improved my skills in frontend and backend development, UX design, and SEO. The positive feedback and the desire to learn even more, motivate me to continue my work on {CodeStore}. To me, the journey itself is the destination, and the code holds greater significance than the final product. I frequently delve into books on software design patterns and architecture, always with the intention of improving my skills as a software developer and enhancing the code of the code snippet manager.