The Most Important Functions at a Glance

A blue cloud with two arrows symbolizing synchronization.


The synchronization with the {CodeStore} cloud is the heart of the application. This allows you to synchronize home and work computers and also access your code snippets online via the browser.

PHP code as an example for the syntax highlighting.

Syntax Highlighting

{CodeStore} provides syntax highlighting for a wide range of programming languages. These include C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, Scala, Lua, LaTeX, Groovy, Ruby, XML, Mathematica, Swift, Go, and many more.

The appearance of the light and dark mode in {CodeStore}.

Dark Mode

Besides a light mode, there is also a dark mode. By default {CodeStore} applies the setting of the operating system dynamically. The theme can also be set to a fixed mode in the settings.

Automatic Selection

The first code snippet in the search results is automatically selected.

Automatic Tag Assignment

When you create a new code snippet, the tags from the filter area are automatically assigned to the new code snippet.

Quick Filter


By a simple click on a tag (or the author) in the detail area of a code snippet the tag is added to the filter settings. Thus, you have lightning fast access to similar code snippets.

A code snippet which is marked as

Private Code Snippets


If you have a PRO account, you can mark your code snippets as public or private. Public code snippets are visible to everyone on the {CodeStore} website. Private code snippets, instead, are accessible only to you.

Share Private Snippets


Private code snippets can be shared with other {CodeStore} users via the share function. Once a code snippet has been shared, the respective user can also access it locally through the synchronization.