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The synchronization with the {CodeStore} cloud is the heart of the application. This allows you to synchronize home and work computers and also access your code snippets online via the browser.

Syntax Highlighting

{CodeStore} provides syntax highlighting for a wide range of programming languages. These include C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, Scala, Lua, LaTeX, Groovy, Ruby, XML, Mathematica, Swift, Go, and many more.

Dark Mode

Besides a light mode, there is also a dark mode. By default {CodeStore} applies the setting of the operating system dynamically. The theme can also be set to a fixed mode in the settings.

Automatic Selection

If the search for a code snippet returns only one result, the code snippet is automatically selected.

Automatic Tag Assignment

When you create a new code snippet, the tags from the filter area are automatically assigned to the new code snippet.

Quick Filter

By a simple click on a tag (or the author) in the detail area of a code snippet the tag is added to the filter settings. Thus, you have lightning fast access to similar code snippets.

Private Code Snippets

If you have a PRO account, you can mark your code snippets as public or private. Public code snippets are visible to everyone on the {CodeStore} website. Private code snippets, instead, are accessible only to you.

Share Private Snippets

Private code snippets can be shared with other {CodeStore} users via the share function. Once a code snippet has been shared, the respective user can also access it locally through the synchronization.