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The {CodeStore} application

{CodeStore} is a free code snippet manager that makes it easy for programmers to store, find, and share code examples. It offers a variety of features, such as syntax highlighting, tagging, and full text search.

With {CodeStore}, finding the code snippet you are looking for is just a matter of seconds. Without the need of searching through your entire codebase, blogs and forums. By synchronizing with the cloud, you always have access to all your code examples. You can also share them with others to make working on collaborative projects even more efficient.

That makes {CodeStore} the perfect code snippet manager for programming beginners and professionals.

One Tool - Many Possibilities

Search & Filter

Use the full text search to find a specific code snippet. Further refine your search by filtering by programming language, tags, and more.

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Store your code snippets in the cloud to use them across multiple devices. You can also access them via a web browser whenever needed.

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Link code snippets to each other to find related and similar examples even faster, and add web links to directly access API documentations.

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Share your code snippets with colleagues and fellow students to work more efficiently on collaborative projects - or save them as public snippets for sharing with the whole world.

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The Advantages of the Cloud

The {CodeStore} cloud allows you to keep all your code snippets in sync across multiple computers and locations. You can access them anytime, anywhere, no matter where you are. That way, you can quickly access the code examples you need, without worrying about having to transfer them manually.


At the same time, {CodeStore} provides a public platform for programmers to share their skills and knowledge with those who want to learn programming. You can even share private snippets only with your colleagues.

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A tool for beginners and professionals

For Students

Save newly learnd functions and API calls, and use them for exercises at home and at university.
Thanks to the {CodeStore} Cloud, you always have access to your code snippets even on lab computers on which you cannot install your own software. Leafing through written documents and notes is a part of the past.

For Developers

Save examples and templates for the technologies, libraries, and frameworks used in your project.
Share your code snippets with new team members to ease their learning curve.
Since private code snippets are only accessible to authorized users, no company-internal information leaks out.

For Trainers

Create a collection of all relevant code examples of your training topics.
Group them by tags and share them easily with your training participants via link.
Moreover, you always have a reference book at hand for practical presentations.

Three Steps to More Productivity

Use {Codestore} Offline

  • Save as many code snippets as you like locally on your computer
  • Group and link your code snippets to find the exact example you are looking for within a few seconds

Share Your Knowledge by Using a Free BASIC Account

  • Store public code snippets in the {CodeStore} cloud and share them with the whole world
  • Share your code snippets conveniently via link with colleagues and fellow students
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Take Full Advantage of the Cloud by Using a PRO Account

  • Store public as well as private code snippets in the {CodeStore} cloud
  • Access all your code snippets at any time - at work, at home and at university
  • Also share private code snippets with colleagues and fellow students
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