How much does {CodeStore} cost?

The program is free!
There are no costs for a BASIC account either. Only for the use of a PRO account we charge an annual fee.

What is the difference between a BASIC and PRO account?

With a PRO account, all functions are available without restriction. You can also store private code snippets in the {CodeStore} cloud and share them with individual users. With a BASIC account, on the other hand, only public snippets can be stored in the cloud. In addition, the cloud storage space is limited.

How much storage space is available?

You can store as many code snippets as you want on your computer. The storage space in the {CodeStore} cloud is also unlimited for users with a PRO account. For a BASIC account, the cloud storage is limited to 100 code snippets.

Will my PRO account be automatically renewed?

No. {CodeStore} is not meant to be a subscription trap.
Your PRO account will be automatically downgraded to a free BASIC account after one year if you do not actively renew it. You will be notified about this in time by e-mail. You can renew your PRO account at any time in your account settings. There you can also see when it expires.
Of course, you can upgrade a BASIC account back to a PRO account at any time after expiration.

What happens if my PRO account is downgraded to a BASIC account?

Since a BASIC account offers fewer features than a PRO account, downgrading your account comes with some limitations.

  • Private code snippets will no longer be synchronized with the {CodeStore} cloud and will only be available locally.
  • You can no longer share code snippets with individual users. Sharing is only possible via a public link.
  • All existing shares for other users will be removed. So they can't see your shared (private) code snippets anymore.
  • The number of code snippets that can be stored in the {CodeStore} cloud will be limited. If you have already exceeded this limit, new code snippets will only be available locally and will no longer be synchronized.